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It makes little sense to invest $10,000 only to generate $5,000 in revenue with an even smaller amount reaching the bottom line. Shockingly companies do this day in and day out, especially when promoting a site with search engine marketing. We have many hypotheses as to why this occurs, but none of them are important, what matters is to make certain that your company does not fall into the above trap and waste money marketing its website.

All our campaigns are focused on producing measurable results in order to achieve a superior ROI. At Agilis Marketing the following are some of the steps to make certain our clients' campaigns are cost effective.

steps in a cost effective SEM campaign

  • Create a detailed plan of how the client's money will be invested
  • Timetable on when tasks will be completed
  • Comprehensive keyword research for the client's industry
  • Outline constructive changes needed to a website's source code and architecture
  • Develop and start a SEO friendly links campaign with detailed reporting
  • Measure results to ensure objectives are met
  • Tweak the website based upon the results
  • Provide maintenance to ensure the website continually generates income