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Importance of links in sem

The importance of links cannot be understated. As an example of the power of links go to Yahoo and type, “miserable failure” into the search box. The first result is the biography of George W. Bush on the government’s official Whitehouse website.

It is reasonable question to ask why George W. Bush shows up as the number one result for the search phrase “miserable failure”. The answer has nothing to do with Yahoo’s political views. The site is the first to appear because there are a number of links on external websites pointing to with the keywords “miserable failure” in the anchor text. This is an excellent example of the importance and the power of links.

Now this worked because the phrase “miserable failure” has little monetary value. For more competitive keywords phrases both links and on-page optimization are generally required.

not all links are considered equal

It is important to keep in mind that not all links are created equal. A thousand links from the same website might be less valuable than two links from different websites. Another factor is relevance; if a company sells vacuum cleaners and it has a link pointing to its website from a page about cell phones then all else being equal that link will not be as valuable as one that comes from a page related to cleaning equipment. Of course just as with on-page optimization there are hundreds of other factors to consider when gathering links for a website. To learn more about the importance of links feel free to contact us.