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Although Agilis Marketing is based in Virginia Beach, VA we offer SEM services throughout the world. We are constantly in contact with companies from other countries that wish to market their products or services to international audiences, rather than simply their home country.

Typically, international companies seeking our search engine marketing services are 1) Wishing to develop a new site, 2) Looking to promote an existing site to residents of the United States and other English speaking regions or 3) Establishing a more comprehensive SEM campaign that focuses on promoting a website or sites to multiple countries in multiple languages. In any scenario, Agilis Marketing is happy to assist in obtaining top search listings that can deliver a significant return on investment.

frequently asked questions about international search engine marketing

Below are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive from international companies looking to hire a United States based company for search engine marketing.

Q: How do you handle differences in time zones?

A: Agilis Marketing has a dedicated staff that works around the business hours of our clients. For this reason time zones are not an issue as we are constantly able to stay in contact via telephone, email, and if the client desires with the use of internet text messaging systems.

Q: How do you handle telephone call with international clients.

A: We realize the cost of phone calls can become a dramatic expense for international companies wishing to do business with a Unites States search engine marketing firm. Therefore, we are always happy to initiate the telephone calls with both prospects and clients so that international charges do not apply to those who do business with us. Agilis Marketing is able to keep its phone costs lower using voice over IP technology. This way our clients never have to worry about added costs passed onto them.

Q: Do you deal with companies located in all countries and regions throughout the world?

A: Someday we would like to boast that accolade. However, currently we are most frequently in contact with international companies based in the United Kingdom (UK), India, Thailand, Japan, and an array of other regions. Other countries that Agilis marketing deals with on a regular basis include Australia, Switzerland, and Canada. We are happy to work with clients regardless of where they are located.

Still have questions about our international SEM services?

Of course we cannot answer every possible question a company may have on this one page. We encourage you to browse the site for additional information on Agilis Marketing and internet marketing focused on achieving a high ROI. We also suggest looking at our search engine marketing blog to read the latest news, questions, and answers. Also, feel free to contact our SEM Company with other questions or for more details on how we help companies with their international advertising initiatives.