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Measurable Search Engine Marketing Results

All our search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns are designed to achieve superior and measurable results. This is especially true if the ROI is compared to other marketing mediums. At Agilis Marketing we focus on much more than simply obtaining top search rankings. All the Top 10 search positions in the world are meaningless if they do not result in telephone calls, sales, or other meaningful actions.

Analytics to Measure SEM Results

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Measuring results is a key to success in any effective internet marketing campaign. At Agilis Marketing, we install a robust analytics program on all our clients’ websites to ensure that the impact of all advertising efforts are measured. We take this approach for multiple reasons, one of which is that we want to provide our clients with ability to monitor and track the return on their investment so they can see for themselves the value of a SEM campaign. Furthermore, when tweaking a campaign it is important to see where website visitors are traveling after reaching the homepage. Do they start looking at other pages? Do they make it to the checkout page then decide not to purchase? Do visitors browse but then decide to simply leave the website and go elsewhere? These are all questions that can and should be answered by installing and monitoring an advanced analytics program.

Tweaking a campaign to improve ROI

Knowing visitors' browsing habits is only one step in the process. Tweaking a website based upon those habits is the next. An enormous benefit to a SEM campaign is how quickly adjustments can be made to a website in order to improve its functionality. If visitors are reaching a client’s homepage and then leaving the website, we can take steps to fix that. The end result is a larger number of sales and a higher ROI.