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While many SEM companies might fill this section with accolades and awards, we prefer to give general information about Agilis Marketing and encourage visitors to contact us with any additional questions so we are able to address all questions thoroughly. To assist companies in achieving a high ROI, this page also contains information to help our guests of determine the most profitable means to market a website.

About Agilis Marketing - located in Virginia Beach, VA

Agilis Marketing’s founder, Brent Yorzinski, has over a decade of search engine marketing expertise and has since helped hundreds of companies’ websites achieve stellar returns on their marketing investments. This experience expands across a wide array of industries from local attorneys to national online retailers. Client we assist range from small businesses to larger companies who own websites that generate millions of dollars in revenues annually. Agilis Marketing can help almost any company and if for some reason we cannot then we will tell you that as well.

deciding if a sem company is right for you

Before even starting a search engine marketing campaign the first step is deciding who or what company will assist with your efforts. Typically website owners attempt to perform the work in-house or go with an outside internet marketing firm such as ourselves. We encourage potential clients to first make this determination. While going in-house might be a less expensive investment in the short run. Our experience indicates that over the long term it is most often a much more expensive proposition. This is likely the result of a number of reasons. Outside firms are engulfed in the industry day in and day out and it is next to impossible for anyone who is not in the industry to keep up to catch up on all there is to know and then keep up to speed. Additionally, the opportunity cost of lost sales can be extremely high. A well implanted search engine marketing campaign takes time and spending three months to a year in the wrong direction could end up costing a small fortune.

selecting a sem company

If you decide to hire an outside search engine marketing company the next step is selecting who to use. There are many SEM and SEO (Search engine Optimization) companies out there and picking one that delivers upon their promises can be a difficult task. Rather than rewrite the book on advice about selecting a SEO company, Agilis Marketing suggests looking at Google’s suggestions located directly on their website.