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Choosing keyword phrases in a SEM campaign

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Selecting an effective set of keyword phrases during the initial research phase is an essential element for starting a search engine marketing campaign . Consider the keyword selection process analogous to the building of a pyramid. Without a sturdy base the entire pyramid would collapse. The same is true with search engine marketing and keywords selection. The entire campaign is likely to collapse without without thoughtful keyword selection in the beginning. It does little good for a website to be found for search phrases that nobody looks for.

Our Virginia sem firm decisions are based on research

All our research is based upon data, not guesses or assumptions. At Agilis Marketing we actually find out what people are searching for when looking for a company’s products or services. This includes word order and other variations as well. Do people typically search for a phrase using the singular or plural? Do people most often search for “Virginia SEM” or “SEM Virginia”? Finding the answers to these questions and then building a campaign based upon the research is critical in order to achieve the highest return on investment possible for a search engine marketing campaign.

avoiding common mistakes when selecting keywords

A common mistake when selecting keyword phrases is to pick phrases with the largest search traffic rather than more specific ones that have a smaller volume of searches. This is typically a mistake for a couple of reasons. The first is that an individual who types a specific phrase into a search engines tends to be much further along in the decision making process and is therefore much more likely to purchase the product or service. Secondly, more specific phrases tend to be less competitive. As a result a SEM campaign for a more specific phrase tends to cost less and deliver a better return on one’s investment.