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Creating a search engine marketing campaign that delivers a stellar return on investment is generally only achieved with a well thought out plan and the expertise to execute it. At Agilis Marketing we develop and carry out such plans on a daily basis. Request a free search engine marketing evaluation or continue browsing our website to learn more about our internet advertising firm.Included below are a few of the many questions to consider in order to create a SEM campaign that generates a superior ROI.

considerations when developing an effective sem campaign

  • Does the proposed campaign have a well thought out plan?
  • If yes, does the proposed plan based upon thorough research, including an evaluation of the keyword phrases, competitors’ websites, and competitors’ linking efforts?
  • What types of search engine marketing will be utilized?
  • Will the SEM campaign initially focus on a local or national market?
  • How is your company going to measure the results of the search engine marketing campaign?
  • What modifications will take place if these results are not achieved during the estimated time frame?
  • How does the website’s design and navigational structure influence the site’s ROI?

learn about other considerations involved in creating a profitable sem campaign

The list above only highlights of few of the factors involved in creating an effective SEM campaign. Each company’s We encourage you to contact our Virginia SEM company to learn more other items to take into account when building an effective search engine marketing campaign.