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starting a SEM campaign

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This section is intended as a resource for existing clients and to provide insight to potential clients on the steps involved in a SEM campaign. The initial research phase is one of the most important parts of any campaign. During this phase Agilis Marketing will take a complete look at your website and competitors’ websites to gain additional insight into the nature of your market space.

This portion is primarily composed of keyword research where we will discover the most common keyword phrases typed into the search engines when visitors are looking for the products or service offered on a website. Oftentimes this is a two pronged process where Agilis Marketing gains a better understanding of a client’s objectives and then finds the most effective words to target based upon geography, budget, and a handful of other considerations.

Modifying the source code

This step along with building relevant links can be conducted in tandem. Modifying the header information, including the description, tags, and keywords worked five years ago. Today much more comprehensive modification of the source code is required to rank well in the search engines. A few of the hundreds of items Agilis Marketing changes are text placement within the source code, proper usage of header tags throughout the site, and removal of excess code. To find out more about the types of on page modifications that are important in a search engine marketing campaign contact Agilis Marketing.

Building SEM friendly links

All the search engines, particularly Google, look at what other websites have to say about your website. In determining this, the search engines look at links pointing to your site from other websites. The anchor text, the words typically included above a blue underlined link, are one method utilized by the search engines to help them decipher where a website should appear in the results. The page where the link is located is also extremely important. Does the page contain content relevant to your site? How many other links point to this page? These are all important considerations to remember when gathering links for a website.

measuring results - tweaking, modifying, and maintaining an effective sem campaign

Our Virginia search engine marketing firm is results oriented. While everything above is important in order to achieve impressive results, measuring the ROI of the entire campaign is a needed step. Please take the time to learn more about how we measure a company’s return on their investment. Agilis Marketing wants to make certain all our clients obtain the highest return possible. Tweaking a website to increase its effectiveness based upon visitor patterns is essential.

Maintaining a websites’ performance is the last piece of the puzzle. While it is nice to have a website perform well for a few months, putting in the effort to ensure a website continues to deliver revenues takes time. New links and content should constantly be added. Remember that there are always going to be other companies vying for the top search positions. A successful SEM campaign can fend off competitors and keep your company at the top of the results for years.