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national vs. local sem

Choosing to focus on a local, national, or even international market is a necessary step at the start of an internet marketing campaign. For some businesses, such as a local law firm, there are few thought processes involved since only local clients are served. With other companies, such as a water purification company, the decision can be much more difficult.

If a company chooses to market a product or service nationally or internationally it must first make certain it has the capability to profitably service customers nationwide or around the globe. While this may appear common sense, it is worth looking at in more detail. On many occasions, profitably servicing a distant customer may not be as simple as it first seems.

budget considerations in a sem campaign

Budget and the total return on a SEM investment are other factors that one should weigh when deciding to market internationally, nationally, or locally. Our website is a perfect example of this. To rank in the top 10 search results for “SEM” would likely cost a six figure budget. Whereas focusing on the Virginia SEM segment requires a much smaller investment.

Those searching for Virginia SEM are more likely to contact Agilis Marketing than someone searching simply for SEM. An individual who types “SEM” into the search box could be a college student writing a research paper, a webmaster seeking information, or any number of people who are not ideal prospects for our company, whereas those who type “Virginia SEM” are specifically looking for search engine marketing in Virginia and are more likely to represent companies interested in utilizing our expertise.

Agilis Marketing , by choosing to focus a portion of the marketing campaign on a local audience, is able to reach prospects more likely to have an interest in our services and at a lower cost. Additionally, we still often end up with leads across the world although a portion of our SEM campaign is primarily focused on Virginia. The result of opting to focus on niche markets is a higher ROI.

our virginia sem firm uses the same techniques that make us successful to help our clients

At Agilis Marketing we apply the same logic used in marketing our website when promoting our clients’ websites. We make a commitment to assist in our clients' search engine marketing efforts using the same expertise that helped our company become such a success. For those interested in finding out more about Agilis Marketing, we encourage you to contact our Virginia SEM Firm or request a free search engine marketing evaluation. We love our jobs and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.