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on-page factors in a SEM campaign

A search engine marketing campaign is not complete without taking into account on-page considerations the impact a website’s positioning in the search engine results pages (SERPS). At Agilis Marketing, a Virginia SEM firm, we wanted to use this page to provide our clients and prospective customers with an example of a few of the many on-page modifications typically made during the course of a campaign.

the value of header information

Optimizing header information, including the title, keyword, and description tags, is not nearly as important as in the past. Rarely will a site’s keyword tag help it improve in the SERPS. However, poorly constructed keyword tags can still hurt a website’s search rankings.On the other hand, properly built Title tags, and to a lesser extent description tags, can positively influence search results. With this in mind, Agilis Marketing carefully adjusts page header information, but it is important to realize that doing so does not have nearly as large of an impact in the SERPS as it once did.

using header tags to improve a site's rankings

Today one of the more important on-page factors is the proper usage of header tags throughout a website’s pages. <H1> , <H2>, <H3> , etc… html tags, when used properly can dramatically increase a website’s position in the SERPS. This is particularly true with Yahoo and MSN. However, simply inserting these tags is not enough, rather they need to be properly formatted and contain relevant keywords.

removing excess code

Removing excess code is another way to improve a site’s positioning in the search results. Oftentimes JavaScript and formatting styles are used within the source code of a webpage. A search engine friendly page will reference these scripts or styles, rather than inserting them directly into a page's code.

there are many more on page factors involved in a sem campaign

Please keep in mind that these are only a few of the on-page attributes required for a successful and cost effective SEM campaign. There are hundreds of other considerations Agilis Marketing takes into account with our clients’ websites. Still, we wanted to provide a little insight into some of the on page factors involved and utilized in a search engine marketing campaign. To learn more contact our Virginia based SEM company.