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Free SEO Themed WordPress Template

Agilis Marketing wanted to create this SEO template for individuals and companies that have helped our organization become a success. Please feel free to download and use this template on your own website. Since a decent amount of time went into the creation of this theme; kindly leave the bottom credits intact. A giant thank you to everyone who helped the company achieve its goals. This template is one way of giving back to the community that helped us on our journey.

Please click here to download our SEO theme for WordPress. Use it to write about the latest news and events, start your own SEO company, or simply use it as a general blog. Simply click on the previous link, unzip the files, and install the folder into the appropriate WordPress directory. Please feel free to email us for support or help with the installation or visit the multiple forums on the web.

I personally wanted to send out a giant thank you to Mehmet Ozekinci who helped us create this template. He is a truly talented individual. He has helped Agilis Marketing with many of our clients and is a tremendous and hard working person.

Those interested in learning more about Agilis Marketing are encouraged to visit our homepage. Learn more about our SEO company by clicking the previous link that will go to our main site. You may also request a free evaluation of your site by clicking here. Either way please enjoy the WordPress theme. We hope you find it of value and if you enjoy it let others know.

Many Thanks,

Brent Yorzinski

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