SEO Work on a Budget

With these difficult economic times completing SEO work on budget that does not break the bank is increasingly important. More and more people are deciding to do the work themselves rather than going with an outside firm. I fully encourage this. Primarily because once most individuals or companies do the work on their own they later decide to hire a professional local or international SEM company. Nonetheless, I wanted to provide visitors with some tips and advice for those who decide to do the work themselves, this way they are not left wondering if their efforts are in vain.

Tip one is to create quality and unique content. While most visitors likely already heard this a million times, few people actually implement this properly. The content should be within one link from the homepage if at all possible. Each primary page of the site should contain at least 250 words of text. A site should contain at least eight pages. All pages should utilize coding and URL’s that are easy for the search engines to read. These are some of the bare minimums, but are excellent places to start on your own.

Tip number two, which also is ingrained in most people’s minds is to build quality links from outside sites. Those on a tight budget are likely best with reciprocal exchanges. They are not as powerful as one-way links, but also only take the time required to establish the contact with another webmaster. When doing such it is crucial that to exchange link only with websites that are directly related to the company’s niche. Pass on everything else. As a cautionary note, link exchanges are often difficult on sites that are brand new and Google does not display a PR since others are less likely to want to trade.

As more companies and individuals are trimming budgets, these two tips alone will take a website far. Nonetheless, do not expect miracles overnight, nor to learn as much as individuals or companies who do this for a living. At some point in time it almost always makes sense to turn to a professional SEO company for help.

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