SEO Fluke or Fix?

In the previous post we tested out our hypothesis regarding backdating and back links in order to regain a Google Page Rank. Now is what occurred a SEO fluke or fix? Agilis Marketing is happy to report that the experiment resulted in a successful outcome. While it cannot be ascertained if either factor singularly resulted in the change, the blogs PR is now restored. As originally mentioned, it is imagined to be a result of the two and we might further hypothesize that it simple a result of an increase in links.

First and foremost Agilis Marketing wanted to restore the Page Rank to its search engine marketing blog. Therefore, if another blog performs a similar experiment it is first suggested to see if relevant blog owners are willing to provide links back as a first step to see if that works. Afterwards, if that has no impact then attempt backdating posts. Please keep in mind there is always an unknown delay in updates to the Google PR bar.

Determining the exact factor for the change failed since Agilis Marketing’s primary goal quickly became making its SEM content easily accessible once again. Therefore we utilized both methods mentioned in the previous blog posting. Either way, individuals and firms can draw one definitive conclusion, that a minimum a combination of the two previous efforts is effective, although further experimentation is suggested. Many blog owners might be able to use these techniques on their own. Others who rather seek assistance from a company that already succeeded are welcome to contact us (shameless plug). If anyone else had similar issues with their blogs or extends this experiment please feel free to update the community with insights.

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