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These days almost every smart business owner knows the value of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing their websites. However, a fewer number of businesses can afford to pay for the services needed in order to achieve the results desired. There are many sites the offer low cost and little to no value directory or index submission services. Did you know that it is not required to submit a website to Google and that a well executed search engine marketing program will allow Google to find a website on its own? Be wary of any low cost service or one that tends to sound as if the offer is unbelievably low.  Purporting the need for index submissions is simply one of the tricks that a scrupulous SEO company will use to legally extract your money. A few of the other common tricks are:

Take a Look at Our Website.

Simply because an international SEM company is able to achieve results for its own website does not mean that same firm will devote the same resources to yours. Be wary of any firm that is only is to provide their website as an example of results achieved . Be equally concerned if a company is not even able to use their own site as an example.

Client Testimonial on SEM Sites

Take caution when looking at companies that advertise client results. First, they are patently admitting and identifying to Google that website XYZ is utilizing their services. If that alone does not scare you then keep reading. Ask the SEO company tough questions. One question might be if the other firm had a similar budget to that of yours.

Long Tailed Keywords

It is not overly difficult for a search engine marketing company to help a website appear in Google or other search engines for long phrases or those with little competition. A true test of the firms abilities is whether they are able to rank highly for shorter more competitive keyword phrases.

High price Equals Excellent Results.

This is a fallacy in the industry that is quite costly. Simply because a firm is charging more does not mean it is going to do much more work than one of the directory submissions companies. Use caution and watch out for this trick. As with anything purchased with a high price tag, ask for a detailed written contract and explanation of exactly what you are receiving for the money. An SEO company is unlikely to reveal everything, but they should provide you with enough information for you to ensure they deserve the amount spent and for someone to monitor a website’s performance.

These are just a few of the tricks employed by the SEO industry and why many people never use an SEM company. It is also why the industry is frowned upon by many companies while relied upon by a large number of firms. Remember that top search engine rankings are only half the battle. The best firms will let you know this and focus on the entire conversion process rather than simply the search rankings.

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  1. Mary Jane said,

    February 19, 2009 @ 11:54 am

    This was a very informative article. Many businesses fail to recognize with any credible SEO campaign it takes time and has to be maintained. I am working with a friend who purchased a program for a storefront and they tell her to follow the plan and you “could” be on Google Page 1 in 2 weeks. What people don’t hear is the word “could” and they have these high expectations that their site, with their keyword(s), will be there, only to become disappointed. I wish SEO companies would not encourage their clients this way, like anything it takes time and constant maintenance to keep your name out there for a site to rank well.

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