SEO and Plurals a Fidelity Newsletter Case Study

A common question when a company is selecting a list of keyword phrases for an SEO campaign is whether or not it is required to add both the singular and plural variations of the words . I recently took a look at a Fidelity newsletter by Donald Dion that showed up number one in Google for the plural version of the underlined phrase, but number two for  the singular version of the same phrase. The takeaway is that even the slightest variations of words can make a difference on where a website appears in the local and international search engines.

Using the site as an example, searchers can see in the image below that it currently appears number two for the phrase “fidelity newsletter”. However, when conducting a search for the plural version the sites appears #1 in Google.

Fidelity Newsletter and SEO

Now there are many reasons why this can occur, but lets take a look at the two most basic aspects that determine a website’s rankings in the search engines results pages: 1.) The on-page content and 2.) References that point to the website. Generally, the keyword density of a page is a vastly overused term that has little meaning. However, in this particular case the Fidelity Independent Adviser uses the singular phrase, Fidelity newsletter, only one time. When attempting to reach the top of the search results for a particular phrase it is generally advisable to include that phrase at least once within the text of the page. The other and much more meaningful component is the number of references pointing to the site that use Fidelity newsletter. The top listing has multiple outside sources and other websites that utilize this phrase, whereas Don Dion’s newsletter has a relatively smaller number. Essentially, the more references a website has from trusted resources with the targeted phrase than the more likely it will appear for that phrase. Thus this case study in and of itself might alter the site’s positioning in the SERPS.

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