SEM Case Study: Miami Bail Bonds

This study will take a look at Coral Gables that specializes in providing Miami bail bonds in much needed and often unexpected situations. This website is an example of one that utilizes smart search engine marketing in order to attract clientele. It appears as if the website’s marketing goes beyond basic SEO principals. Of course the site has top listings in the SERPS, but it well beyond that in ensuring that visitors end up contacting then rather than a competitor. We will explore the ways in which is done.

First, it is important note that this Miami bail bonds company also utilizes PPC advertising so there are both natural a paid listings that appear in the results pages. Thus, appears in multiple places on the front page. This in and of itself adds confidence when someone from afar is selecting what company or person they can entrust. However, it is important that we go beyond simply what is seen on Google’s pages, but also look at the website itself.

When viewing the site, you will notice that there are both a toll free and local number located at the top right thus making it simple for anyone with a question to call. As many business owners know, a call where someone asks a simple question as often an excellent time to convert a person who is simply shopping around into one who selects your company. The only critique I offer is that, I would advice placing the toll free number above the local number since most people prefer toll free number even when making a local call.

The site does an excellent job at answering to common questions before a visitor even asks. “Why Choose Us?”, does exactly that both in text and with a small visual image. “Who We Are!” complements this question by providing details about the company and its history. Additionally, the company’s location is clearly apparent by utilizing the Google map insert to show the businesses physical location. This only adds further comfort to the rightfully initially suspicious internet surfers, who is pondering whether to do business with a company they might never heard of previously. Luckily, I cannot speak firsthand about the Miami bail bonds process. I can say that this site does an excellent job utilizing search engine marketing to lead the prospective customers to the site and then encourage that individuals contact Coral Gables with any questions.

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  1. Bail Bonds said,

    October 1, 2009 @ 10:13 pm

    Thank you for the information. I own a bail bonds site outside of Miami, but the advice is appreciate. First, I am going to attempt some of the strategies on my, but perhaps I will contact you afterward for a free SEO evaluation.

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