Relevant Content Experiment

The purpose of this posting is to experiment how the search engines interpret relevant content on the page, entire domain, and possibly votes from other sites with anchor text pointing to this domain when valuing the weight and trust placed on references to outside websites on such a page. Also, notice the avoidance of during this page of a few of the more common terms generally associated with this industry in order to potentially see if this is a determining factor. Obviously there are multiple variables in this experiment; thus further research is needed afterwards to draw any meaningful conclusions.

There are two virtual properties that this experiment will utilize. The first is a hobby property that focuses on quilt patterns, fabrics, and other associated items. The second has a wide selection of celtic jewelry and more specifically that of the silver variety. Neither one of the two properties share much in terms of comparatively relevant content to this property or each other.

Thus here and the following paragraph will include references to each of the properties with relevant content around them. Taking a look at the quilting supplies space, there are niche areas including patterns, fabrics and other items one might expect from such a place.  One focus includes quilt patterns and as seasoned visitors can now tell this is the relevant reference anchor. The primary appeal is to at home enthusiasts who like to quilt utilizing patterns, but of course other people visit.

The next property is in a different industry; the jewelry industry. A better description is celtic jewelry as this is clearly of primary relevance and focus. There are such items as pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. An area of interest for guests here are those who desire a celtic style of jewelry primarily comprised of sterling silver. The appeal for this is relatively large of late, but only time will tell if the trend continues.

The above along with this paragraph should conclude this portion of the relevant content experiment. Obviously, time is required to even have an idea of the impact this has on the related quilt pattern and celtic jewelry properties. After a generally accepted length of time passes than either this company or another can do follow up research to further address the issues outlined throughout the relevant content in this investigation of external references and their impacts.

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