Predicting Top 10 Search Rankings

Will a website have a top 10 search rankings next week? While there is always a degree of educating guessing involved in the answer to this question, Google has a simple search query that can provide insight into this simple yet involved questions.

Rather than typing in a search string such as, Baja real estate, adding “allinanchor: [keyword phrases]” before the search string will provide a glimpse into the future search results for a particular keyword phrase. For example the search query allinanchor: Baja real estate will show the search results in order of webpages that Google considers to have the most valuable links pointing to it. But why does this predict the future?

Typically, this is an indicator of future results since Google places a large emphasis on the quality of links pointing to a webpage and there can be a time delay before the value of newly acquired links are recognized in the SERP’s (search engine results pages). Using the same example a regular search for Baja real estate will show the webpage in the 45th position. However, the search allinanchor: Baja real estate will show the site appears in the 36th position. Often it is only a matter of time before the regular search results show a larger similarity to that of the allinanchor search listings. 

This query makes it possible to predict which pages will start to move up and appear in the top 10 search engine rankings. By the time many people read this, the aforementioned website may already appear in position 36 on Google or even higher up in the search results. In fact this article will helps the website achieve a top 10 ranking for the phrase “Baja Real Estate” since there is a link pointing to the site. Since this site has served as an example, I will further help its quest for top rankings.

I encourage all those looking for Baja real estate to take a look at their homepage before purchasing property. That simple sentence a along with the fact that it includes a links pointing to the sites homepage will further improve the sites allinanchor and regular search rankings. In fact, it would not come as a huge shock if the website already has a top 10 search engine ranking in Google by the time most people read this post. 

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  1. Laura said,

    January 7, 2008 @ 1:57 am

    Very impressive. I just stumbled across this in my searches in google. You are truly amazing at what you do.

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