Targeting United Kingdom Customers

Many companies lately placed International search engine marketing on the back burner for a valid reason; the need to first better focus on local SEM. However, as economic climate has shifted certain companies are switch from survival mode and back into growing their brands. Thus it seems appropriate to readdress the value of marketing to customers in the U.K. and other countries abroad. After dominating the local market expanding to other regions is common, but there are many slight differences to consider.

With international SEO it is crucial to remember what works locally will not necessarily work overseas. While everyone reading this post likely already realizes this it is still worth a one sentence reminder. Not even considering cultural differences, a simple SEM campaign’s keyword base can change dramatically from one country to another. Utilizing the United Kingdom as an example target audience, it is important to remember even the smallest of changes that could result in a large opportunity cost if missed. Using Agilis Marketing’s industry as an example, individuals in the U.K. tend to search for search engine optimisation which is a different phrase than the one utilized in the U.S. because of the spelling difference.

Aside from the basics such as in the previous example, it is key that the SEM company hired has experience or at least knows how to operate an international campaign differently. For instance appearing at the front of the search engines for phrase “planning a trip to New York” on another country’s search engine, involves obtaining recommendations from other websites within the country of origin. A rookie mistake for many marketers is to create press releases and blog posts with Unites States based websites and companies. If your company is targeting a new audience, make certain to promote it within that region. Is this common sense? Yes, but often such items are overlooked a company can spend thousands by overlooking such an important component involved with international SEO and internet marketing.


Niche SEO Companies

After recently conducting multiple searches on Google and the other major search indexes there is a clear trend that shows in an increasing number of niche SEO companies. Some of these companies are based within the United States, while others are headquarter internationally. Expect to see this trend to continue in this field along with other industries or businesses. As an example Agilis Marketing is also starting to follow this same strategy. A search on Google for law SEO returns a top ten listing for a page within this blog.

What is important to understand from this trend is that SEO and SEM firms are increasingly practicing what they preach. It is not uncommon for any SEO company to suggest, and rightfully so, that a company target specific keyword phrases within their industry and geographic niche. If a company only sells its products or services to customers in the U.K. it makes little sense to target visitors elsewhere. Of course the converse also holds true for companies within the U.S. or elsewhere. Those a United Kingdom SEO company might work best for businesses in that Geographic area. The keyword here is “might”.

Simply because a business of any kind appears in the top of the search engine result pages does not mean it is the best choice, on many occasions the opposite is true. Following an earlier example on niche SEO companies, type “SEM for Lawyers” into Google and take a look at the listings that appear. Upon an initial, glance many of the listings contain websites that are offering extremely expensive services to this target audience, likely based upon the assumption that attorneys are not as privy to the true costs of search marketing and are willing to a premium to experience the comfort of knowing a portion of the firm’s marketing budget is devoted to internet marketing. Unfortunately, what is unrealized in the above scenario is that a law firm is possibly over spending for underperformance. A search for city + SEM Company might of yielded better results.

The primary takeaway here is to take nothing at face value and conduct appropriate research. Simply because there are niche SEO companies that purport to provide the “best” services for a target audience does not mean that they do. Rather conduct a variety of searches and shop around. If that same company also appears for other terms aside from just their niche that is perhaps a positive sign that the business is better rounded. The bottom line here is not to take anything at face value and do business with a company simply because it is on a list of the top ten in the Google SERPS for one phrase. Conduct more searches and more research before signing on board with any niche SEO Company, oftentimes a run of the mill search engine optimization firm can provide equal if not better results at a fraction of the cost.


SEO for Local Health Services

As a dentist, chiropractor, veterinarian, or any other health professional provides local health service, the proper usage of SEO to attract and retain customers is not an easy to task. One factor to consider is whether SEM is even needed or is it best to stick with the Yellow Pages and the traditional method of referrals to market a practice. The opinion on this blog is obviously biased; nonetheless that does not make it incorrect. Data illustrate that prospective patients are using the internet more often to find a provider for their local health services.

A well executed SEO campaign can place your practice write in front of the eyes of consumers when they are definitively looking for a provider. One field that is likely more to benefit from such exposure is the practice veterinarian medicine. With a vet there are fewer limitations from insurance companies and oftentimes vets are simple chosen based upon location to a pet owner’s home rather than other marketing efforts. That said, a larger number of individuals are turning the web to research and ultimately select a veterinarian. This is particularly true when surgery is involved with an animal. The Detroit Dover Animal Hospital is one practice that appears to utilize SEO to attract clientele. A quick search on Google for veterinarian Westlake will show the practice in the top of the listings.

Now should all health practitioners jump on the band wagon? Perhaps, but thus most likely to benefit are those that practice more general patient services and those with more specialized. This may initially sound odd. However, consumers often will conduct a search on the internet to locate a local chiropractor and a research the best doctor for a more complicated procedure. Whereas, more routine outpatient types of operations or services that fall in between the above range can typically come from a referral when he consumer does not find it worthwhile to do the research and rather to go with the recommendation of an already trusted professional; perhaps one found initially on the internet.

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SEO in a Jobless Recovery

Many economists are referring the current pattern in the international economy as a jobless recovery. Now whether or not you believe this is the case it is important to take into account what this means as a business owner and especially one that already utilizes SEO or plans on using such services to further improve a company’s revenue stream. Here is one question I am often asked along with corresponding answer.

Is it better to hire in an in house marketer or an external SEO firm? My response to this is little changed from that in the past. Quite simply, if your company is large enough and has multiple websites it is possibly well worth the effort to hire an in house person to perform the duties essential in a SEM campaign. However, it is important to keep in mind that strategy can cost a company more money if it distracts management from the business’ core focus. The small business owners and especially the sole proprietors are almost always better off hiring a professional SEO company than doing the work in house. While, not paying for SEO may seem a way to cut expenses. The opportunity costs associated with not hiring one a tremendous.

Considering that many economists are already deeming this as a jobless recovery, it further makes sense to hire an outside SEM company in light of this view. In fact these economists are inferring that many companies are already employing such strategies. Owners are increasingly outsourcing any type of task not related to the company’s core business model. This proves beneficial since one can avoid the many expenses associated with hiring internal personnel. Oftentimes the expenses utilized with an external company are also easier to write off come tax season, providing a further benefit. However, the primary reason I suggest hiring an outside SEO company during any type of recovery is that is much easier to scale up or down depending upon what takes place in with the economy as a whole.

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SEM Case Study: Miami Bail Bonds

This study will take a look at Coral Gables that specializes in providing Miami bail bonds in much needed and often unexpected situations. This website is an example of one that utilizes smart search engine marketing in order to attract clientele. It appears as if the website’s marketing goes beyond basic SEO principals. Of course the site has top listings in the SERPS, but it well beyond that in ensuring that visitors end up contacting then rather than a competitor. We will explore the ways in which is done.

First, it is important note that this Miami bail bonds company also utilizes PPC advertising so there are both natural a paid listings that appear in the results pages. Thus, appears in multiple places on the front page. This in and of itself adds confidence when someone from afar is selecting what company or person they can entrust. However, it is important that we go beyond simply what is seen on Google’s pages, but also look at the website itself.

When viewing the site, you will notice that there are both a toll free and local number located at the top right thus making it simple for anyone with a question to call. As many business owners know, a call where someone asks a simple question as often an excellent time to convert a person who is simply shopping around into one who selects your company. The only critique I offer is that, I would advice placing the toll free number above the local number since most people prefer toll free number even when making a local call.

The site does an excellent job at answering to common questions before a visitor even asks. “Why Choose Us?”, does exactly that both in text and with a small visual image. “Who We Are!” complements this question by providing details about the company and its history. Additionally, the company’s location is clearly apparent by utilizing the Google map insert to show the businesses physical location. This only adds further comfort to the rightfully initially suspicious internet surfers, who is pondering whether to do business with a company they might never heard of previously. Luckily, I cannot speak firsthand about the Miami bail bonds process. I can say that this site does an excellent job utilizing search engine marketing to lead the prospective customers to the site and then encourage that individuals contact Coral Gables with any questions.

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Law SEO: Lawyers Must Read

If you want your firm’s site to appear at the top of the search results you found the right place. Recently, a number of lawyers asked Agilis about utilizing “law SEO” in order for their legal websites to appear at the top of the search engines. As a result of the number of inquiries about the search engine optimization services provided to law firms, it seemed worthwhile to provide additional information for attorneys that are interested in marketing a new or existing site on Google and the other search engines. There are a number of lawyers Agilis Marketing assists in obtaining and maintaining top search results. Feel free to contact us to request more information or receive a free SEO evaluation of a law website.

We assist general practice attorneys as well as those who specialize in particular areas, such as DUI or divorce lawyers. Essentially, Agilis creates a new site or takes an existing one and place it at the top of Google’s search results. Thus if you are a DUI Lawyer in Miami, Agilis can make it so that your website is the first one people see. Additionally and unlike many competitors, since SEO is in a saturated marketplace, the company decided to put our own skin in the game. We offer money back guarantees if results are not delivered as promised and accept all credit cards for further protection.

Basically, if you are a lawyer looking to utilize SEO to bring in new clients we want to talk. Perhaps our company is not the right fit, and if that is the case there are numerous suggestions that we can provide on how you may wish to market your firm. As the owner of the company, I wanted to personally invite any lawyer who is looking to personally contact me for more information. I am interested in focusing on this particular niche of search engine marketing and am excited to work with firms and attorneys who are seeking to generate new business leads through the internet. Please simply ask that the contact form goes directly to myself, Brent Yorzinski, when filling out the form using the link earlier. Agilis Marketing is happy to answer any SEO questions and find out if I can assist you. I sincerely look forward to speaking to you and helping out your firm if appropriate.

A sister site that provides an excellent example of one built from scratch is Please keep in mind that this is a general information website at the moment and not specific for any one lawyer. After viewing it is apparent that it covers the VA area and the divorce niche. This property presently appears in the top for “Virginia Divorce Lawyer” and “WordPress Legal Theme”. Take note that more than only the homepage shows in the listings. This is illustrative of the type of landing page targeting that is possible.

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SEM for Reputation Management

Utilizing SEM for reputation management is an increasingly common usage. A larger number of companies are focusing upon the results that appear in Google after the company name is typed into the search engines. As an example, take a moment to type in: Agilis Marketing. Now notice the results that appear. As is evidenced from the SERP’s our company has done little to change the results as since there are numerous other firms out and the results do not meaningfully harm the company’s reputation. There is one result from Rip Off Report along with Agilis Marketing’s rebuttal. It seemed appropriate to leave it since it helps illustrate our efforts to work with clients. Nonetheless some companies are bombarded with listings of scam and fraud reports. Sometimes there is no validity to these claims and there is much that SEM can do to eliminate these listings from top of the results’ pages.

The type of company that might want to utilize reputation management is one with a strong brand name, that people type into the search engines frequently, but is in an industry with negative connotations. Take any debt collection company for as an example, then Search for the company’s name and more often than not the results display nothing but a list of complaints from people claiming they were forced to pay their bills. The bottom line is that nobody forced them to do anything and it is the individuals’ faults for accumulating the liability. Nonetheless, this still reflects poorly upon a company’s reputation and can hamper business.

The most effective and least costly way to change this is through the use of SEO and SEM techniques to ensure primarily positive information is displayed on Google’s search pages. Generally this is done by ensuring that sites that list positive information are placed above those with negative details. Sometimes the creation of individual sites is a smart idea, whereas other times is more cost effective to promote sites that already display positive information.

One might use this same technique on an international level as well. Oftentimes with the introduction of a new product it is important to show as much positive information as possible. Utilizing search engine marketing to help positive product reviews is a helpful and cost effective way to increase a company’s and product’s reputation. Look to see reputation management as an ever growing niche in the SEM industry.

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Optimization for Real Estate Websites

Search engine optimization of a real estate website is for the most part no different than the optimization of a website in any other industry. There are a few differences, but for the basic strategies employed are the same. How many times a day can a blog write about backlinks and content? A quick search online will reveal that the answer to this question is: never enough. That is primarily since these two components go largely ignored by many website owners as well as search engine marketing companies. Oftentimes one component is focused upon while the other component is given less weight or ignored. Thus it is important to investigate the two primary ways SEM and SEO strategies are utilized for real estate websites and also those of most other industries.

Taking a look at the backlink portion of the equation is often the strongest single item to focus upon. This is especially true for Google. When utilizing SEO for real estate websites it is crucial to ensure that there are authoritative references (links) from other related sites that point back to your URL. This means that the references to your site should come from other real estate websites and those related to real estate. They should not come from a URL’s that focus on divorces, such as that in last month’s post. Rather it is crucial to focus on obtaining references from other related properties on web.

The other component when attempting optimization for real estate websites involves the content on the pages. First there should be at least eight pages of copy at a minimum. Why will other sites want to link to yours if it does not contain content of any value? Additionally, why will a search engine want to display results if there is no information on the domain? Search engines want visitors to find the info desired. If your site does not contain that information, then there is almost certainly another one that does.

This is why there are countless articles on the web that talk about these two crucial components. The trend will continue until webmasters and SEM companies start to follow that advice, which will likely never occur. That is why knowing this information is one additional competitive advantage for those who also utilize the practices described. Many webmasters do these tasks themselves but I find a larger number find it more cost effective to outsource it to a local or international SEM company, such as Agilis Marketing. Shameless plug – yes; but it is also true.

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