Internet Marketing for Established Businesses

There is an enormous difference between improving a SEO campaign for a company that opened its online doors in the 1990’s than one that only recently decided to start an online business. The majority of the time an established company can achieve top search engine results in a relatively short period of time; whereas a brand new one might have to wait many months before their site will even appear in the search engines.

While there are many reasons why this is the case, I wanted to provide a little insight into a few factors a smart SEO company will look at before doing business with an established organization. The Google Sandbox, the number and type of inbound links, and the size of the website are a few of the considerations to factor.

Luckily, few established companies have much to worry about when it comes to the Google Sandbox. This term is used to describe a penalty placed on a brand new website that prevents it from appearing in the search results until at least a few months after a link first points to the domain. The rationale is that there are thousands of domains that are purchased each year and only a fraction of them are still around the following one. Therefore until a site can establish that it is a meaningful resource, which is also likely to stay around in the future, Google, Yahoo, and a few of the other major search engines will not even list it in their search results. The reason is quite simple. Why list information from a site that is not yet established when similar information from a business that has already existed is readily available?

Inbound links from external sites pointing to a domain is another factor in an SEM campaign. Google uses links as a form of voting and typically the larger number of relevant links a website has pointing to it then the higher it will appear in the search results. An established company tends to have a larger quantity of inbound links simply because the business started awhile ago. However, oftentimes the links are not ones that are going to help the website appear at the top of the search results. For instance, a link that contains only a company’s name is unlikely to help it appear at the top of the search results for a keyword phrase that relates to the products or services it sells. When starting a search engine optimization campaign with an established business a key component is acquiring relevant links that point to a company’s website.

The size of a website is also a key consideration. Picture a website as a large building. If it has an excellent foundation then it will typically stand for many years to come. Unfortunately, websites built a decade ago, usually have an outdated foundation than those built yesterday and this is one area that puts an established business at a disadvantage to a brand new website. It is much easier to build a foundation from scratch than to rebuild one after there are thousands of web pages built on a site from that uses technology from a decade ago. Therefore one of the most time consuming and difficult components with an existing website is rebuilding a foundation that takes into account the changes in the search landscape that took place over the past decade. This is especially true of websites that have thousands of products or pages.

SEO or SEM is never an easy process and there are different issues to address with each website. One such issue is the length of time the company first went online. Depending upon the website, this can make starting or properly continuing an internet marketing effort much easier or exponentially more difficult.


  1. Taehesha said,

    April 3, 2008 @ 9:46 am

    According to me making a website for internet marketing the most difficult part and time consuming part is rebuilding a foundation for website.

  2. Online Marketing said,

    August 21, 2008 @ 7:00 am

    Wow Nice job!

    Your SEM blog is very informative. Thanks for the advice. However, SEM is a pretty hard task. Still your
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    Thanks for the tips… Best regards.

  3. Jeff Paul said,

    April 1, 2009 @ 6:23 am

    Hi! Great post! I was looking around for some thing like that on the net for my college studies. So I’m still kinda new in internet marketing

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