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Optimization for Real Estate Websites

Search engine optimization of a real estate website is for the most part no different than the optimization of a website in any other industry. There are a few differences, but for the basic strategies employed are the same. How many times a day can a blog write about backlinks and content? A quick search online will reveal that the answer to this question is: never enough. That is primarily since these two components go largely ignored by many website owners as well as search engine marketing companies. Oftentimes one component is focused upon while the other component is given less weight or ignored. Thus it is important to investigate the two primary ways SEM and SEO strategies are utilized for real estate websites and also those of most other industries.

Taking a look at the backlink portion of the equation is often the strongest single item to focus upon. This is especially true for Google. When utilizing SEO for real estate websites it is crucial to ensure that there are authoritative references (links) from other related sites that point back to your URL. This means that the references to your site should come from other real estate websites and those related to real estate. They should not come from a URL’s that focus on divorces, such as that in last month’s post. Rather it is crucial to focus on obtaining references from other related properties on web.

The other component when attempting optimization for real estate websites involves the content on the pages. First there should be at least eight pages of copy at a minimum. Why will other sites want to link to yours if it does not contain content of any value? Additionally, why will a search engine want to display results if there is no information on the domain? Search engines want visitors to find the info desired. If your site does not contain that information, then there is almost certainly another one that does.

This is why there are countless articles on the web that talk about these two crucial components. The trend will continue until webmasters and SEM companies start to follow that advice, which will likely never occur. That is why knowing this information is one additional competitive advantage for those who also utilize the practices described. Many webmasters do these tasks themselves but I find a larger number find it more cost effective to outsource it to a local or international SEM company, such as Agilis Marketing. Shameless plug – yes; but it is also true.

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Breckenridge Real Estate SEO

The real estate market is extremely competitive these days as anyone involved in the industry knows. That is why SEM and SEO for a real estate website is more crucial than ever before. The most completive geographical areas in the country also tend to require the most extensive work. As an example market, companies in the Breckenridge real estate market are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote their services since it is still a blooming area.

One particular firm that has done an extremely successful job is Mr. Breckenridge Real Estate. Of particular interest is their usage of YouTube videos to help market the website. This helps from an SEO and SEM perspective. Even individuals outside of the U.S. in international geographies viewed this video and then visited the site. Visit and search for “Breckenridge Real Estate” or visit their video directly here:  . Notice this company’s video appears at the top of the list and therefore serves as an excellent example of strategy other agencies might attempt to replicate.

It is also important to note that rather than only serving one region. This company services nearby areas as well including the Copper Mountain CO real estate and Silverthorne real estate markets. Doing such ensures that once people reach the site they have plenty of options to pick amongst. It is difficult enough to obtain traffic to a website so it is vital that once someone reaches the destination relevant information is there that keeps visitors interested.

The primary takeaway here is that if you are a real estate agent, no matter what area you serve, it is crucial to have a well respected web presence and usage of innovative techniques. Mr. Breckenridge serves as an excellent example of a website that is able to generate leads as a result. The internet is an ideal place to achieve a superior ROI for a company’s marketing investment. I always advise people to do what they are best at. I do not try to sell real estate and it usually best for a real estate company to hire an outside agency to help with their internet marketing.

Whether using Agilis Marketing or another SEM company, hiring a professional firm is a smart move. It is also important to note that we did not do the marketing for this company, nor is this real estate firm a client of ours. It appears they received professional assistance from another reputable SEO firm and therefore serves as an excellent example of what an agency can accomplish whether using our company or another. Visitors may also wish to take a look at one our past post about selecting an SEO company loacated and also advice on common tricks to avoid during your search on the post entitle SEO company tricks. As always, please feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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