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SEO for Local Health Services

As a dentist, chiropractor, veterinarian, or any other health professional provides local health service, the proper usage of SEO to attract and retain customers is not an easy to task. One factor to consider is whether SEM is even needed or is it best to stick with the Yellow Pages and the traditional method of referrals to market a practice. The opinion on this blog is obviously biased; nonetheless that does not make it incorrect. Data illustrate that prospective patients are using the internet more often to find a provider for their local health services.

A well executed SEO campaign can place your practice write in front of the eyes of consumers when they are definitively looking for a provider. One field that is likely more to benefit from such exposure is the practice veterinarian medicine. With a vet there are fewer limitations from insurance companies and oftentimes vets are simple chosen based upon location to a pet owner’s home rather than other marketing efforts. That said, a larger number of individuals are turning the web to research and ultimately select a veterinarian. This is particularly true when surgery is involved with an animal. The Detroit Dover Animal Hospital is one practice that appears to utilize SEO to attract clientele. A quick search on Google for veterinarian Westlake will show the practice in the top of the listings.

Now should all health practitioners jump on the band wagon? Perhaps, but thus most likely to benefit are those that practice more general patient services and those with more specialized. This may initially sound odd. However, consumers often will conduct a search on the internet to locate a local chiropractor and a research the best doctor for a more complicated procedure. Whereas, more routine outpatient types of operations or services that fall in between the above range can typically come from a referral when he consumer does not find it worthwhile to do the research and rather to go with the recommendation of an already trusted professional; perhaps one found initially on the internet.

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SEO for Health Sites

Search engine optimization for health websites is almost the same as SEM for any other industry niche. No matter which industry a company website is amongst the same principles apply in order for it to rank well within the search engines. However this post will address of few considerations that one should when optimizing a site within this niche.

A key consideration that companies will want to watch out for is accidentally linking to bad neighborhoods during their off page optimization efforts. When it comes to health sites it is easy to accidentally acquire a link from a website that sells Viagra or other items, which Google might use to classify a website as one that is part of a bad neighborhood. Unless you are selling Viagra, if your company is selling supplements or other health services then it is important to ensure links pointing to the company’s site do not come from websites in a bad neighborhood. I advise those wondering what Google views as “bad neighborhood” to utilize common sense principles. Essentially, if the site is inappropriate for children the Google is likely to classify it as a website that is part of a bad neighborhood. When performing health website SEM it is even more essential to only attempt to gather links from directly relevant websites than if your company operated in a different niche.

Of course there are a few other minor differences to keep in mind when performing SEO on a health website. However, for the most part following the same best practices utilized when optimizing a site in any industry will work fine whether starting an international SEM campaign for your company’s business or targeting a local audience. Please feel free to utilize the form below to add your insights and commentary.


SEM Case Study: Silver Cross

Recently, I came across a phenomenal site that has done an excellent job when it comes to SEM. Silver Cross sells recycled and new healthcare equipment and has done an excellent job of attracting visitors and converting them into customers. This case study will examine why they are succeeding at selling electric scooters, stair lifts, power wheelchairs, and many other health related products for those with disabilities.

A SEO Friendly Blog

Silver Cross developed a stair lifts blog to discuss the product and provide more information on the company. This is essential in the days of social marketing. A larger number of customers are looking at a website’s blog before they make a purchasing decision. The blog also does a nice job of integrating video into the website which further helps with SEO on both the local, national, and international levels. As a result of all this the blog is quickly becoming the destination of choice for those who are searching for stair lifts.

Electric Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

These are two extremely competitive keyword phrases for any company to target. Yet Silver Scooters does an excellent job of going beyond the basics. They carefully exercise the practice of deep linking into their overall marketing strategy. A couple pages targeted are those that focus on electric scooters and power wheelchairs. Many companies make the mistake of only targeting their homepage. Silver scooters ensure that visitors are also directed to their electric scooters, power wheelchairs, and many other product specific pages. This is an increasingly important strategy as Google and the other search engines look beyond links pointing only to a websites homepage.

These are all excellent strategies for any company to keep in mind. Whether selling electric scooters, another health related product, or anything else on the internet these same strategies apply. Silver Cross is doing an excellent job at implementing all that mentioned above.