Brent Yorzinski: Personal Reputation Management

Can anyone reading this honestly say they never search for information on an individual by typing their name into Google or another search engine? I, Brent Yorzinski, most certainly cannot make such an assertion. However, what about an individual’s personal reputation is truly revealed by simply typing in a name? The mere fact that this post appears in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), when typing ‘Brent Yorzinski’ is proof that name optimization, personal reputation management, or whatever catch phrase one utilizes is a form of SEO and that if desired an individual can use such strategies to create any type of online reputation desired. Those reading this on the same date it is published please bear in mind that reputation management, as any type of SEM takes time, thus this page might not appear on the major search engines for a couple weeks up to a few months. However, rest assured that within that timeframe or shortly thereafter, whenever an individual looks for Brent Yorzinski this article will appear as one of the top ten listings.

Now why will this particular posting show up when someone looks for details on Brent Yorzinski? Personal reputation management, as mentioned, is simply another form of search engine marketing and follows the same tried, true, and trusted principals as all forms. Certain companies supposedly specialize in managing individuals’ online reputations, but this is nothing more than a niche industry in the SEO market that generally overcharges and unfortunately caters to the average Joe, who understandably does not know details about the processes involved. Essentially, for this page to appear when Brent Yorzinski is typed into Google, there are two primary components generally required for that to happen.

The first piece is the content and usage of text within the page itself. Notice the careful usage of the name Brent Yorzinski throughout this piece. It is vital to point out strategic usage of the name since even though it is included multiple times certainly each sentence does not contain the name. Additionally, personal reputation management is another phrase utilized throughout the text and thus perhaps this page might appear in the SERPs for that phrase as well. The other component involves references from other websites. Ideally references should connect directly to this post with the anchor text: Brent Yorzinski. These references should follow Google’s general guidelines and appear on reputable sources throughout the internet.

Perhaps this post could induce Agilis Marketing to start assisting individuals looking for personal reputation management services as it will prove a clear cut example of its effectiveness. Either way the takeaway remains the same; managing one’s online reputation is no different than any other form of online marketing or SEO, careful usage of the proper words such as Brent Yorzinski and references from other internet properties will help ensure this is a page people see when the referenced name is entered into a search engine.


  1. Postal Poetry » Blog Archive » Dating Turning to Marriage then Divorce said,

    July 13, 2011 @ 5:48 pm

    [...] creator of this internet property, Brent Yorzinski, is by no means any type of expert on the subject nor portends he is such. Instead, rather than [...]

  2. agilis said,

    August 3, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

    Update/Proof: This page now appears as the number two listing in Google, Yahoo, and Bong whenever the phrase ‘Brent Yorzinski’ is entered. Thus this is now an excellent example of how personal reputation management can make a difference.

  3. James Dixon said,

    November 24, 2011 @ 10:26 pm

    SEO Algorithm Update | Atomicsearch

    [...] Guest Post: Brent Yorzinski. [...]

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