Backdating Postings and PR

Lately the blog on this site took a back burner to ongoing clients and Agilis Marketing spent much more face time with these clients rather than simply posting information on the blog. I am now refocused on the search engine marketing blog and this post is in part a test on the ability to reclaim Google Page rank for a blog. The SEM blog dropped from a 4 to the dreaded grey bar. The hypothesis is that one or both of the following events caused this.

  1. Google loves content and blog posters often lose touch in updating their blogs. Therefore a distinct possibility is that if a blog does not show recent posts after a set time frame Google no longer value the blog as highly. While this goes against the PR algorithm it could fall into the realm of a penalty that eliminates the visible page rank.
  2. Fewer sites decided to point links to the blog since Agilis Marketing failed to keep the content up to date. Eventually, all links pointing to the blog, aside from the site’s internal ones disappeared, and thus the page rank indicator turned into a grey bar. This also goes against Google’s algorithm since Agilis Marketing’s internal link structure should allow for the blog itself to still maintain a decent page rank.

Therefore an end hypothesis is that is a combination of the two events outlined above. Backdating this post may help, but I have my doubts. Therefore the first control will be to address item one. However in doing so if another site provides a link here, and it is certainly welcome, then the experiment loses its control and the only definitive conclusion that is possible to draw is that both the above factors play a role. Of course if the search engine marketing blog never regains its Page Rank than it is known that neither one of the above can help reclaim the PR a blog might lose once the Google’s indicator turns grey and another method is required to correct this.

It is important to keep in mind the idea behind this entire experiment is not to circumvent anything Google wants to accomplish, but rather to make pertinent information that is contained within this blog easily accessible to the public that searches the internet using Google.

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